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Read our latest insights on waste, collaboration, technology and more in the maritime industry.

Poor ETA’s: a risk for your business

I am a lover of social discomfort. Discomfort breaks down barriers and situations that have been maintained unnecessarily for a long time. It also brings humour or new insights to many situations. This blog is about social discomfort, and integrating high quality ETA’s as a key component to be in…

The four challenges for Agencies

In our role of service provider, we have the luxury of meeting great people and companies all over the world. Besides local differences, we see the role of the agent being of equal importance between Singapore, the USA, Scandinavia and the ARA region. Personally I always make the comparison between…

Law enforcement trough technology

The following reads like the screenplay of an exciting book, and pattern detections and AI can do very cool things for you too. Read along about drug smuggling and the possible use of artificial intelligence and technology to counter it and be inspired on how you could improve your maritime…

Learn how to expose and eliminate waste and risks in your operations.